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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Warm sun on my face

Standing on the shore gazing westwards into the sun. Its rays fall on the breaking surf, dappling the foaming water as it rolls in towards us, closer and closer as the tide comes in. A kite or airborne sail propels a windsurfer as he skims across the waves, farther out to sea than I would be comfortable with. It's a long way to the next landfall. If he missed Catalina Island I guess he'd have to hang on til Hawaii.

The sun is warm on my face, warmer than it should be in March even here in Seal Beach. I'm not complaining, dipping in as I am from the cold freezer of Scotland, but it just ain't right as mammy says in Gone with the Wind, and it confirms that climate change is a reality.

Shoulder to shoulder sharing the moment with my dear daughter, silently, prayerfully, united with each other and God himself. A memory to treasure with a grateful heart.

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