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Monday, 14 March 2016

Taking on the Giants

After a relaxing weekend in beautiful Santa Barbara, I woke up this morning reviewing the tasks still to be tackled. One of the most formidable in my mind was the calls to the two major communications providers here in order to cancel and change things for mom. I have not had a history of happy experiences with them so opened my eyes on this new day with some trepidation.

Then I thought of Joshua and Caleb. They joined the other ten men sent in to spy out the promised land. The other ten forgot the promise and just saw the Giants. Joshua and Caleb, however, focused on the massive fruit and beauty of the place God had promised them. Eventually, they were the only two of that band of brothers who set foot into the promised land.

I've made those two calls already and got through without endless waiting. Both transactions seem to have gone through without problem. The proof is in the next couple of days when the changes should occur, but I feel like Joshua and Caleb. Focusing on the promises.

Jesus said, 'I have come to give you abundant life.' That is a promise I am stepping into today. The Giants are down, and I like the look of the juicy fruit.

It's a promise for all of us. Eyes off the Giants. Focus on the promise.

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