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Monday, 28 March 2016

Walking each other home again

A phrase which has resonated with me now for the last several months continues to yield rich blessings. As I ironed this afternoon, I thought of the meaning of home. I have understood the phrase to equate home with heaven, and today I mulled over Jesus’ template prayer for God’s kingdom to come to earth. His kingdom is our home. I believe we get a taste of heaven now, every day, encountering the kingdom in each other and different situations and hopefully bringing it into situations we encounter.

Walking each other home, then, happens all the time, when we enable others to enter in, even for just a moment. When we carry the peace of Christ into a frayed situation. When we live out our relationship with Jesus in the minutiae of our days. 

Home happens in relationships. Home is not necessarily a place. ‘Home is where I hang my hat’ is an old phrase I remember from somewhere. I have often said that I would make my home wherever Don is. So our real home is more than a place, it is in Jesus. 

I first encountered the possibility of a relationship with Jesus in the fervent singing of choruses expressing love to Jesus, sung by believers who inhabited their Lord. I still often find my home in Jesus in the congregated worship of Jesus with other believers.

Walking each other into Jesus. What better description can there be of life?

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