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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Whistling ... in the dark, or in the Light?

Thinking positive is a great attribute, but it has to be anchored in something solid. Otherwise I think it can be a bit like whistling in the dark, where one is aware of the dangers and pitfalls all around but wants to exude confidence and convince oneself that there is no reason to fear. I don’t know about you, but the times in my life where I’ve been whistling in the dark, my heart has been pounding out a reverberating cadence. 

Far better to whistle in the Light, trusting that because God is good, he gives good gifts and his desire is for me and not against me, I can believe that he has my back whatever transpires. I can relax. There is no need for tension or a pounding heart. 

My hope is anchored in God’s perfect love, in his absolute faithfulness and his encouragement. I can head into an unknown situation with a confident laugh and expectations high, knowing that although I am not confident in myself, I am full of confidence in my God. That frees me to embrace the moment. Every moment I take a breath is a gift from God. Every moment is filled with nectar and has the potential to bear fruit. 

Every beat of my heart brings me closer to the end of a finite number of beats. I want to enjoy every moment and appreciate every blessing, and I may be even more aware of these blessings in the challenging times than when I am in the easy times.

I can’t work up such hope nor convince myself of God’s faithfulness. But I can ask Him to fill me with his love, joy, peace and hope, with his Spirit, and that is what he loves to do. All the rest follows.

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