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Friday, 4 March 2016

Sharp focus

So, these new specs. I’m discovering how difficult it is to get the focus just right with vision. I’ve been using the Varifocal lenses for work on the computer over these past few days while the reading glasses were being upgraded. Just got them back and realise that actually, the computer is just that little bit further away than the reading glasses are calibrated for...so back into the others.

I’m juggling glasses and my handbag also carries a pair of prescription sunglasses for driving. I need a suitcase just to carry my vision aids.

Sometimes I definitely need the corrections for long distance. Sometimes I definitely need them for close work. But very often there is something in between, not quite one or the other. 

Issues in life can be like that. Some things are crystal clear but others can be hard to get into focus. Just when you think you’ve got it sharply defined, something shifts and you’re not so sure. That’s when we need the extra power of spiritual insight given by the Holy Spirit.

For me, I need to be recalibrated every morning as I spend some time with God. It’s easy to skip that discipline. I did this morning in order to rush off and get the new glasses but now, I’m going to sit with the One who really knows how to adjust my vision.

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